Marc Stanakis

Marc Stanakis serves as the President and Co-Founder of The Jobs Partnership of Florida. As the strategic leader of this thriving non-profit organization, his mission is to inspire and equip people for success at life and work – through the power of partnerships. Utilizing his business development and fundraising abilities, Marc co-founded The Jobs Partnership in 1999, which had its genesis in the Workforce 2020 project at the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce. Marc’s exceptional ability to build cross-cultural relationships has brought a diversity of people and organizations together to serve struggling working families and help them discover a path to the job they were made for.. The Jobs Partnership has formed strategic partnerships with churches, businesses, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, government and social service agencies in Central Florida, with thousands of Graduates now active in the workforce.

  • Company:President, The Jobs Partnership of Florida
  • Short Bio:
    [10:30AM] Closing the Skills Gap – Soft Skills are the Key to a Great Career.

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