Lt. Gen. Tom Baptiste

Thomas L. Baptiste, Lieutenant General, United States Air Force (Ret)
President and CEO, National Center for Simulation (NCS)
Partnership III, 3039 Technology Parkway, Suite 213, Orlando, FL 32826

Lt. Gen. Thomas L. Baptiste completed his 34 year military career as the Deputy Chairman, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Military Committee, Brussels, Belgium. The NATO Military Committee is the highest military authority in NATO and provides direction and advice on military policy and strategy to the North Atlantic Council, guidance to the NATO strategic commanders, and support to the development of strategic concepts for the Alliance. In this role, Lt Gen (Ret) Baptiste also served as the second most senior military advisor to the NATO Secretary General.

Lt Gen (Ret) Baptiste graduated from California State University, Chico, CA in June 1973 and earned a Graduate Degree from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA in 1986. Following commissioning from the Officer Training School, he was initially trained as a Navigator/Weapons Systems Officer and assigned to the F-4 in 1974. After one overseas operational tour he was competitively selected for Undergraduate Pilot Training and returned to the F-4 as a Pilot in 1978. In 1981, Lt Gen (Ret) Baptiste was handpicked to become part of the initial cadre of Instructor Pilots to stand-up the F-16 Training Wing at MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL. Several other F-16 assignments followed including Commander, 72nd Fighter Training Squadron and Commander 52nd Operations Group.

During two staff assignments in Washington D.C., he served as: the Director of Operations, Defense Nuclear Agency, and as the Assistant Deputy Director, International Negotiations, Directorate of Plans and Policy (J-5), the Joint Staff in the Pentagon. As a General Officer, he served in a number of joint and combined assignments to include: the Deputy Commander, Canadian NORAD Region, Winnipeg, Manitoba; the Commander, Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center, Colorado Springs, CO; and the Director of Plans (J-5), HQ NORAD, Peterson AFB, CO. Additionally during his final seven years on active duty, he served at three different levels within the NATO Alliance: first as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, HQ AIRSOUTH, Naples, Italy; next as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations, Supreme HQ Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Mons, Belgium; and finally as the Deputy Chairman, NATO Military Committee, HQ NATO, Brussels, Belgium.

A Command Pilot, Lt Gen (Ret) Baptiste accumulated nearly 3,000 flight hours in a variety of fighter and trainer aircraft. He retired from active duty on June 1, 2007 and has been the President and CEO of the National Center for Simulation since January 18, 2010.

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