Alysse Metzler-Coe

Alysse Metzler-Coe, currently a Lead Recruiter, for one of the largest Global Consulting firms is fighting the war on talent. She has raw recruiting talent and more than 15 years of corporate recruiting experience. She stumbled into the industry while still in college and immediately fell in love with Recruiting. She’s helped corporations in the mortgage industry, banking, for profit education, technical, sports and entertainment, and video game industries, search across the globe for top talent.

Alysse shares this experience through her Rockstar Resume Writing services which help job seekers from college students to CEOs land their dream job with a resume that is perfectly formulated and personally tailored. Her partnerships range from the Ascending Athletes foundation (supports former NFL and NBA players navigate their new career off the field/court), the Orlando Solar Bears, and the University of Central Florida’s College of Business. Alysse genuinely cares for her candidates and has the ability to connect with them on a personal level. This ability allows her to find the right career path for all of her candidates and truly sets all of her hires up for success.

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