Skills Recharged – Your guide to keeping your soft and technical skills recharged, competitive, and hire ready

Are you to ready for the ever-changing workforce by keeping your #SkillsRecharged?

Technology is changing the dynamics and logistics of many jobs in the blue-collar and white-collar industries. “AI and automation will replace 40-50% of jobs within 15 years. But the actual job displacement could take longer due to corporate choices, labor union influences, and government agencies.” (Dr. Kai-Fu Lee) To stay ahead of the statistic, I have cast a call to action for amazing professionals like yourself to start assessing, defining, learning and mastering your non-automated skills to stay competitive in the workforce.

Are you ready to start redefining or learning your hire worthy skills to keep living a stable life and plan for a greater future for yourself?  This session will show you how to recharge your skills!

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